Student Support and student Handbook

Student Support

Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN)

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (LLNP)

The LLNP provides language, literacy and numeracy training for eligible clients. The program seeks to improve clients’ language, literacy and/or numeracy with the expectation that such improvements will enable them to participate more effectively in training or in the labour force and lead to greater gains for society in the longer term. Eligible clients are referred to an LLNP provider by Referring Agencies, currently Centrelink and Job Network Members.

The reading and writing hotline 

The reading and writing hotline is a national telephone adult literacy referral service, funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training. Experienced teachers can provide callers with advice on ways to improve reading, writing, and numeracy skills and give information on adult literacy and numeracy classes in your local area.  The hotline is open 24 hours. Phone 1300 6555 06 from anywhere in Australia at the cost of a local call.

Support for RPL candidate

Free pre enrollment skills review 

We discuss what your goals are and help you choose the right qualification that matches your skills and show you what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Flexible Delivery and Assessment Procedures

BTA recognises that not all participants learn in the same manner and that with a degree of reasonable adjustment participants who may not learn best via traditional learning and assessment methods will still achieve good results.

Details of Student information can be found in Student Handbook 

This handbook provides information on a number of aspects of a student at BTA. The following pages contain information and links to resources and policies, information about students’ rights and obligations, RPL, assessment  and more information on services and resources that BTA provides .

Information contained in this Handbook may be altered, amended or deleted from time to time. Pages that are linked to the handbook and the information that they contain are considered part of the handbook and are also kept up to date and are changed from time to time. As students agree to be bound and abide by the policies, procedures and terms set out in this Handbook they are advised to always check the current version.

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